Women in tech

Since November 2019, we have been working to build a strong community of Women in Tech. Our goal is to highlight and gather talented women in the Tech & Product teams at Doctolib.


  • Create a vibrant and supportive community to share and grow together
  • Empower every woman to grow
  • Build an even more inclusive company
  • Inspire and encourage more women to join tech and product roles at Doctolib and beyond

Some of our actions so far

Of course, no one has cracked the code to have more women in Tech & Product. But we’re doing our best to change things for the better, adapting effective initiatives inspired by other industries, and coming up with new ideas to test. Here are some of the changes we’ve implemented so far.

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We started by reviewing our job ads with a gender decoding tool to make sure we use inclusive and fair language.

Bringing people together

We created several places for this Women in Tech community to exist, with a dedicated Slack channel, and moments to gather.

Sharing experiences

We have created recurring moments to get together and discuss topics that impact our lives as professionals, from personal branding to negotiating a raise, gearing up for a promotion, pitching your project…

Staying inspired

We organise the “Meet Series” series, a monthly gathering where we invite a senior Woman in Tech from another company to tell us about her journey, and take part in an informal Q&A with our community. We have been honoured to discuss with speakers from GitHub, MongoDB, HackerOne…

Spreading the word

We write blog articles on topics that matter to us in technology, the e-Health industry, conference writeups… to share our unique perspective within Doctolib and in the Women in Tech community at large. Have a look here, here or here and let us know what you think in the comments.

Broadening our horizons

We have unlocked a budget to attend meetups and conferences for Women in Tech. For example, we participated in the European Women In Tech conference in Amsterdam (back when we could travel freely and seat next to each other without a mask on, can you remember the time?).

Taking space

We encourage our Women in Tech to speak in meetups and conferences. And we provide public speaking training too. Watch Melanie Berard, one of our Engineering Managers, who spoke at the Paris RB conference.

Keeping a safe environment

We think all of these initiatives can only work if we work in a company where everyone can be educated on inclusion (not just around Women In Tech), and become an ally, so we started training our tech leadership teams on unconscious bias. We’ve also created our code of conduct. And we’re just getting started!

The impact

Since we started our efforts, the results have been very encouraging:


Women Software Engineers

(between Nov 2019 and Nov 2020)

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