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Framework & Tools

When joining Doctolib, you will benefit from a strong support system:

  • A great Onboarding process, designed by software engineers from the field (+ link to Ask us on onboarding)
  • Mentorship program
  • Online curiculum
  • Bi-Weekly Tech Time (+ link)
  • Technical masterclasses
  • Regular brown bag lunches with internal or external speakers
  • Tickets for tech conferences
  • Support to write article or speak publicly
  • But you will also be able to choose your tools (laptop, IDE, etc), and participate into or kickstart a tech initiative.

We value Allyship to underrepresented or marginalized groups in Tech

 Since 2019, we have been working hard to build a strong community of Women in Tech. Our goal is to attract and empower talented women in the Tech & Product teams at Doctolib. Since, we have built a strong support system, and have increased the presence of Women Software Engineers at Doctolib by 8%.