Doctolib’s software engineers build and improve our product improving healthcare for millions. Learn, Grow and Develop alongside a team of engineers all sharing the same obsession: provide the best experience for the users of our products and change the way people access healthcare.


  • Autonomous Software Engineer job, you own the code you deploy every day.
  • Ruby on Rails, React, Daily Deployments, CI pipeline with 15K+ tests
  • Work on building the new products that help Doctors, Patient and Hospitals
  • Take ownership of your career, your code and learn and grow with us.

Doctolib has more than 100 developers split between 5 domains and 22 feature teams.

What does a software engineer do at Doctolib?

Write Code and build products that help people. You will work in a small agile team focused on one product. Each team is made up of product manager, engineering manager and experts from Data and Desgin working on solving one particular problem our users face. You will meet your users, solve their problems and see the features you build you use.

Supported by our Infrastructure, Security, Design and Tooling teams. As a Software Engineer, you are given everything you need to build features and deploy them into production. Work on a best in class development process where pull requests don’t languish idly for long: they are strictly reviewed (code design, performance, security…); they are always covered by automated tests and deployed on a staging environment to be reviewed by the product team.

Own your own development and build a user-focused product that helps millions of people. What we are building is hyper-secure, test-driven and pragmatically user-friendly. 

This is thanks to our tech values:

  • User First: both patients and professionals, we always put our users first.
  • Ownership: The product must be ours so we can make the right decisions.
  • Keep the Stack Simple: be pragmatic, no tech for the sake of tech.
  • Learn & Grow: everything goes fast, but we help you to grow and learn with us.
  • Security and Reliability: We take this seriously and embrace privacy by design.


We foster an environment of entrepreneurship where we want you to take pride and ownership in your work. Our growth

  • You are Responsable for Develop Elegant Solutions to complex user problems.
  • Collaborate with product managers, engineering managers, design and data teams to make small, fast incremental improvements to our products. 

Time Split

  • 50% of your time on the design and implementation of roadmap functionalities using our methodologies: peer-programming, code reviews, testing and (…)
  • 15% of the time on purely technical developments (we call them Tech Tasks). Stability, security, technical debt, you name it
  • 15% of the time on bugfixes. That’s the right ratio for us to keep a healthy platform.

The rest of the time is divided between recruitment assistance, field observations directly at the doctors’, technical framing, poker planning, monitoring progress with the Product Managers, participating in open source projects with internal teams but also with other contributors!

Tech & Tools

We believe we have built a Best-In-Class development lifecycle and with that we try and use the best tools available to us. 

As a developer, you will be supplied with top end computer of your choice, our environment is deisng

Everything runs on Ruby on Rails 6.0 backed by PostgreSQL 11.7 and Redis. Front side, we bet on React and RxJS even for our mobile apps. Of course, we can make exceptions when we need to, so we also have a cluster of ElasticSearch in production for specific features. We work with sensitive healthcare data, so we are required to host our platform in a specific data-center with a failover datacenter.

Advantages of joining Doctolib as a software engineer

A Fullstack developer at Doctolib is given everything they need to craft amazing software. You will be supported with continuous training, mentorship and challenges that will help you grow as an engineer. 

The Docto Academy for your onboarding: one week of general training, then another one dedicated to tech;

Mentoring through “Starsky & Hutch”: 1 hour a week, you’ll work with a Developer from another team to train you on our stack. You will also be asked to mentor a junior afterwards;

Regular Field Trips to be closer to our users and better understand their needs; 

Ask for a “Vis-ma-vie” in other teams, to better understand Doctolib and discover other scopes (in France or Germany)!

A Career Path to build your career path according to your strengths and your aspirations, with the advice of your manager; Be closer to the product, go towards management, tech(…) Other ideas? They will be welcomed with open arms! 

Meetings & Conferences: attend conferences (ex: Duck Conf, React Europe, Paris.RB, European Women in Tech, EuRuKo…) — But also to be a speaker if you are interested (you will be coached of course). Participate in open source projects with internal teams but also with other contributors! 

Doctolib Hackathon: a weekend to work on a topic of your choice, with teams from Paris, Berlin and Nantes – you will be able to present your project to Stan (CEO) and/or Philippe (CTO).

Give meaning, impact and ownership 🚀

benefits when you join our team; excellent salaries, continuous training, medical insurance, Docto trips, monthly Docto parties, Docto everything. Ask for more details.

How to get the job

  • What you need
  • We prefer to hire Full Stack Developers and Software Engineers with a minimum of three years experience deploying code into a production environment. 
  • You will be used to working with 
  • You will ideally have worked on high scale high traffic websites and are used to thinking about the user and taking ownership of your code.
  • What we look for is someone who is proactive, involved, curious and collaborative. You write test-driven pragmatically engineered code. We don’t mind if you have not worked in a ruby/react environment if you are ready to learn, we are ready to teach you. You are expected to complete a homework test and your code will be reviewed and discussed with you if it passes our tests.
  • Interview Process
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