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  • What is Contribute
    A meetup to help you get started contributing to Open Source Projects. We loved hosting Hacktoberfest and our engineers, who got inspired by an evening contributing to open source projects, wanted to keep on giving back! That’s how Contribute was born. Providing a platform where aspiring contributors and open source maintainers can connect is our way of giving back to the Open Source community.

  • Who should attend
    Anyone who wants to contribute to open source projects in Ruby, React, React Native, JavaScript, Rails and anything else you find interesting. First-time contributors, get supported by experienced open source contributors to get your first PR’s into the open-source community. Here’s an article we wrote that might help: Experienced Contributors, you can also join our team of engineers and get more support for your open source projects.

  • What happens during a Contribute session
    You’ll enjoy an evening of coding with other open-source contributors. Join us on Discord and get ready to code. We provide the virtual space, and the nice vibes!


What is Sororitech

Sororitech is meant to be a safe space for Women in Tech to meet other women facing the same exciting challenges.

Our goal is to empower you by:

  • making connections
  • giving you keys to lead your career in Tech
  • providing a community you are glad to be a part of

Each meetup will have a specific topic and we will divide into small groups to share experiences, advice, questions… and more!

Ask Us

What is an Ask Us session

A one hour Q&A session with experts from the field, on a concrete topic. Who should attend Anybody interested in the challenges that a tech company is facing.

Previous sessions included:

  • Organisation challenges of a company systaining hypergrowth
  • Using and contributing to Open Source
  • How to onboard remotely new software engineers

You can check out all the replays on our YouTube channel.

Past events


Doctolib au salon de l’innovation

Doctolib au salon de l’innovation